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Your new driveway will look even better and last longer by adding edging, borders, or inlays. With a wide variety of edging and paver products available we can help you design the perfect enhancement that will compliment your home and landscape design.

Edging your driveway with steel or pavers

Driveway edging defines, protects, and preserves the integrity of your driveway edge line. It will prevent the edge of your driveway from breaking away when traffic comes too close to the edge and it will also prevent premature cracking. By defining the edge of your driveway this will also add protection to your lawn and landscaping along the driveway.

Steel edging is typically installed into the aggregate base with a portion left exposed which will be used to support the asphalt once installed. The steel edging is installed with heavy duty steel stakes to add strength and support along the edge of the driveway. It is shaped to follow any contoured driveway design. Once the edging has been installed the asphalt will be installed to it, then rolled and compacted to thickness.

Brick banding or border is typically set on the aggregate base which is rolled and compacted. The bricks are sometimes held in place with a retainer or may be set in a bed of mortar depending on the homeowner's choice. Once the bricks have been installed, the asphalt is installed to it and rolled and compacted to thickness.

borders and inlays
borders and inlays

Designing with inlays

There are many variations of designs and styles of pavers or stones that a homeowner could choose from to enhance the beauty of their driveway, landscaping, and overall appearance of their home. Brick paver driveway inlays are installed in the same fashion as brick paver borders. The aggregate base is installed to grade, rolled, and compacted. The desired pavers are set and held in place using either retainer edging or they are set in a bed of mortar. Once installed, the asphalt is carefully installed alongside the inlay; it will be compacted to thickness.

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